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january 3, 2002 // because everyone should have a new year's entry //

so new year's eve could have been a bit more exciting. it was a quiet night at home with my family and toasting at midnight watching the countdown on tv. 
d. and i finished a bottle of wine since my mom doesn't drink. she always says she's "dizzy" even after drinking apple cider even though we keep telling her that it's non-alcoholic. it's all psychological. so it was just me, d, s (who begrudgingly sat with us, complaining of a headache that mysteriously transpired at the exact moment we asked him to sit with us), and grandma, who kept murmuring about how quiet it was because she couldn't hear anything without her hearing aid.

oh, d. won $150 in reno the day before. we usually go to tahoe and then stay over at reno during the holiday season but this time, d. and s. weren't interested in snowboarding.  this was fine with me, who is just a designated driver. sitting by the fireplace at the ski lounge, reading and sipping hot chocolate, is always appealing until you actually have to do it for 6 + hours. so the fact that they wanted to forgo the whole snowboarding thing was fine by me. i rented a mercury grand marqui, which was a gigantic car that had a great traction control (great for driving in the rain, which was what i had to do for 4 1/2 hours) and took turns really well. 

so as soon as we got to the hotel, my mom and don headed straight for the slot machines, stephan went straight to the arcades, and i went staight to bed and watched tv. i did go down to the games area with diana after she came back with a few stuffed animals that she won (to give to h. and coco). and i must say, it was exhilarating when i won a teddy bear (even though i don't like stuffed animals) playing the "roll the ball into the slot" bingo against 26 other people. ok, 26 kids. ok! and they were mostly under 5 but so what? that game was hella hard to play.

at 7 we met up to eat (mediocre) buffet and my mom wrapped up some meat and stuffed it in her purse to bring back to coco. coco's always on our mind and we love her enough to bring "meat from nevada," as my mom said.


tonight, me, niem, tony, lotina and jason went to "the second annual art of zines exhibition" at gallery a.d. it was practically empty unlike their other monthly events. i didn't see too many zines i liked. too bad "cristina zine" was so short-lived; that was a fun project. i had more fun putting it together than passing it out. a bit embarrassing now since it's filled with silly stories of my then crush and other miscellaneous (not important) stuff, but not too many people have it so i guess i can live with a few copies floating around in this world.

after gallery a.d, we dropped off jason and lotina, went to cafe matisse for coffee and met up with omar and shawna. we went there hoping to have ice cream but they didn't have any. so after they kicked us out, we went to safeways to pick up some drumsticks and big sticks, went over to niem's and watched the "master of my domain" episode of seinfeld in which jerry, george, elaine and kramer make a bet as to who can go on the longest without masterbating. it was pretty hilarious. maybe for a hundred bucks, i'd make the bet, too. but knowing the guys, they'd insist that i pay $150 like jerry and george did to elaine.


hmm. i'm too tired to talk about things that are actually on my mind. you know, more important shit but it's too much work to go into it. time to go get my trusty paper journal and work some stuff out in my head. maybe do some stream consciousness writing. 

for fellow pluckers:

d. bought a tweezerman which is a very good thing. these are no ordinary tweezers i tell ya. with lifetime guarantee and sharpening, these are positively the highest quality tweezers one can get. only people that pluck  will feel me on this but with tweezerman tweezers, plucking is 10 times more enjoyable then it is already. how it presses so closely against my skin....oh god, it's so nice! it's exhilarating when you can feel the hair as it gets pulled out of the follicle. it feels soooo good! (um, did i say that out loud?)

i wish i had more hair so i can keep plucking away...

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