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january 23, 2002 // updates and shit //

so i haven't updated for quite some time and the 2 friends that have linked me from their site have resorted to threats. i may be unlinked from their site! gasp!. what's a girl to do but update?

the problem is with this layout. it's too much work to update. maybe i should give in and get a livejournal account. or maybe i'll work on a new layout for this site. but then, i'm like that guy in daniel clowes' new eightball (#22) who lies in bed wondering how he could have wasted so much time. every day he procrastinates and attends to trivial things such as cleaning the window screens and watching temptation island, yet at the end of the day, he laments over time he has lost doing god knows what, he doesn't remember.

so. come back later, will ya? i'll send all 3 of you, my loyal readers, an email when i do decide to re-design the site.

oh, those of you who went to check out reFRESH with me on friday, i wrote to massive selector telling them that we went to kleidon's only to find the place closed without any explanation and someone wrote back apologizing and hooked us up with free passes for next event in san jose. he was nice enough to offer free passes to their next event in san francisco but i declined since it was a week day and all. we're way past that "i'll drive an hour to party on a thursday" age, you know?

random thought: shouldn't dave choe have better things to do than post messages about "temptation island" on giant robot message board? but then, he is human after all. he shits, eats, and watches tv just like us. remember that next time you feel bad about yourself because he's so fucking talented and you're, well... not as talented.



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