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february 5, 2002 // untitled //

watched gummo last night. that movie left me feeling heavy in my heart with more fear than i can articulate. it wasn't just because of the cruel ways the kids shot and poisoned the cats. there was just so much anger, aggression, hopelessness and dejected poverty. yet at the same time, there were many haunting and tender moments. it's a surreal yet realistic portrait of small-town middle america. i really liked chloe sevigny and bunny boy but this movie made me realize, once more, that i don't ever want to drive across the u.s.


when i read that you had written, "woe is me," i thought you were referring to the demise of because darn it! it was the best site tracker/counter there was. um, but yeah. she's not all that. repeat after me: 'she should be so lucky!' or maybe you should follow (or at least attempt to follow) d. choe's advice...

note to self:

this site's looking boo-boo. can't keep track of older entries. time for a new layout.



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