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april 25, 2001 // the devil can be so vulgar //

watched The Exorcist DVD that i got from the library. i've never seen the movie in its entirety but i've seen bits and pieces of it before that i was famliar with the whole 360 degree head turning and the infamous green slim puke.

the movie's been parodied so many times that i found some parts to be somewhat funny. especially when the girl/devil hisses at the priests during the exorcism. sheesh, who would've ever figured the devil to be so vulgar?

wilson tried to use that "i'm too scared to be alone" line after the movie to persuade me from going out with this guy that invited me to go clubbing with him and his friends. nice try, buddy.

people like her make me wish i had a talent for photography (oh and a nice manual and digital camera). next big purchase shall be a digital camera... now, there's an incentive to find a job.

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