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april 26, 2001 // i don't like improv //

i found liz roman's modern dance class at rhythm and motion dance center to be earthy and athletic. a lot of her movements have you going upside down, really forcing you to ground yourself. i still have a difficult time fully supporting my weight so i don't let myself go. i'm still apprehensive about handstands. i should practice at home against the wall. :)

a good portion of her class was also dedicated to improvisation and although my body was warm from the warm-ups, it tensed up when it was time to direct the focus towards moving with another person rather than as an individual. improv seems efforless for some people but i feel awkward and self-conscious.

of course, a good improvisation set also depends on who you're playing with but unfortunately, my partner was a novice. she and i spent about 30 minutes (but it felt like forever!) just rolling around and getting in each other's way.

cool site:
dave told me about this site. it's like poetry in motion. very cool. i found the korean versions to be even more dynamic and emotionally intense than the english version.

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