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april 29, 2001 // (not) laughing //

yesterday, wilson, tim, jackie and i went to see dave chappelle at the warfield. wilson warned me that i probably wouldn't find his act funny and i really hoped that his act wasn't too offensive. well, wilson was right. dave chappelle is a very charismatic person and his act is entertaining because he's more of a storyteller than a stand-up comic. in that aspect, i could see the appeal. at the same time, most of his jokes consisted of making fun of asians, poor blacks, "crackheads," women with "big tities," and feminists that won't "suck dick." i felt a knot in my stomach at his imitation of what we understand as "the korean grocer" and found it disturbing that others in the room found it funny.

seeing a comic act was something new and i appreciate the fact that wilson invited us to go. it's just that instead of paying to see something that supported racist and sexist stereotypes, i would've much rather paid to see someone like margaret cho.


as we were driving away, we heard a loud pop and saw a man (who appeared to be homeless) punching a woman (who also appeared to be homeless) to the ground. people intervened as soon as they saw this and the man left. even from the back, i could tell that he wasn't finished. several times he walked back towards the woman half way, stopped, turned back and walked away. the man disappeared around the corner obviously angry and agitated. then the woman got up shortly after and left in the opposite direction. it was all very disturbing.

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