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may 3, 2001 // my mom and me //

i told my mom that all the museums in the city are free on the first thursday of the month (i was mistaken, of course). and surprisings, she agreed to go without a single word about the high price of gas these days. luckily, yerba buena arts was free from 5-8 and MOMA was offering half price admission during that time as well.

we saw "ice cello," an event "inspired by the work of avant-garde cellist charlotte moorman." the artist sat in the middle of the room with a cello made of ice and as it melted over the course of the performance, the sound of the water dripping was amplified and synthesized, thereby creating ambiant sound/music. my mom wasn't too impressed with Pierre et Gilles' exhibition, though. she said, "i may not know much about art, but i can tell that this artist is mentally troubled/unstable."

what she and i both enjoyed, however, was the exhibition of allan wexler's works at the MOMA. his pieces show a briliant convergence of art, sculpture, science, architecture and functional design. he incorporates them seamlessly in his design and provides the most creative solutions to problems, whether it be collecting rain for an outdoor shower, or building an outdoor picnic space on a sloped hill.

afterwards, we rushed over to park chow for dinner. we had linguini with seafood and the ever-so-yummy ginger cake w/pumpkin ice cream.

i can't remember the last time mom and i went somewhere by ourselves and enjoyed the day. it was nice.

this looks like paradise. everything in this hotel is made of ice--bed, wall, chair, hallway. they're now accepting reservation.

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