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may 4, 2001

i used to think "Hunter's Point" when i hear "HP." but now i automatically think "Hewlett Packard." similarly, "ISP" has come to mean "Internet Service Provider," not "Invisible Skratch Piklz." i used to be cool... and then i started working for a dot com.


trying to decide whether or not to go see savage jazz dance company's performance next week... i thoroughly enjoyed last year's performance at the fort mason center. after watching a dance performance i always find myself thinking that it's about time i get back into dancing seriously but there are too many factors that prevent me from doing it. i see someone like f. who lives and breathes dance and i get so envious. but then, she's also made a point to not let anything (physical limitations, injuries, family, friends, lack of money, and etc.) get in her way of dancing/training full-time and she plans everything around dance classes/rehearsals. i sometimes wish i could be like that but i have too many responsibilities and when it comes down to it, i'm just not willing (or able) to make the same sacrifices she has made.

tip of the day:

lil' bow-wow lil' romeo

both lil' romeo and lil' bow-wow's names start with "lil" and they have similar taste in clothes, but don't say, "look, it's lil' bow-wow!" when watching romeo's music video. your fourteen-year old brother will think that you're not cool.

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