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may 8, 2001 // fiasco and the city //

after eating 3 popcicles (1 push pop, 2 crunch cholate bars), i headed up to the city for the design group reunion/get-together. things didn't turn out quite as expected.

3:00-3:30 (ate 3 popcicles)
3:30-4:30 highway 101
4:30-4:45 exited and looked for Bottom of the Hill
4:45-5:15 realizing that we were too early, agreed to find a starbucks nearby. drove around but subsequently got lost and ended up in the castro.
5:15-6:00 drank coffee, read a book, talked about what to do with life. discussed the option of going back to school and getting an mba (after finding out that the median salary of a mba graduate is 150k/year).
6:00-6:15 drove back to bottom of the hill, got a flat tire, met everyone in the back patio.
6:15-6:50 talked, mingled, shoot the bull.
6:50-7:20 waited outside for AAA.
7:20-7:35 no sign of AAA. called AAA and was put on hold for 15 minutes. wasted valuable cell phone minutes.
7:35-7:55 hotdog and french fries for me, a hamburger and french fries for khai. drank pear cider.
7:55-8:15 AAA comes. changes flat tire with the spare from the trunk.
8:15-9:00 finally went back to bottom of the hill to hang out with people, but they started to leave one by one. people from s.f left first, leaving only the people from the south bay (all unemployeed).
9:00-9:30 stood outside the bar and mingled some more.
9:30-10:45 proceeded to head back to san jose at 45 mph on the freeway with the emergency light on.

it was weird driving so slow. it felt as if we weren't moving at all.

two peple said that i'll look back on today and laugh about it someday. probably... i'm really glad that khai was there and i didn't have to deal with it alone. it's really nice to have friends that will stand by you. friends you can count on.

what i want to do:
find a good dance class, take photography classes, go to the beach, go camping, go hiking, start painting

what i should be doing:
figure out what to do with my life, look for a job, send out resumes.

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