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may 19, 2001 // pre-birthday party //

EVIL GENIUS! i don't know about evil but i'll take credit for being a genius. wilson's surprise birthday party was a success. i has to scheme and lie to get everyone together without him knowing and it was no easy task but it was all worth it to see him so happy and surprised.

i told wilson that we were having dinner with diana at cha cha cha and he fell for it. as we were walking towards cha cha cha, he says, "oh i see diana. wait, is that scott? oh and what's niem doing here?"

he had no idea! we had great tapas, sang happy birthday, and everyone was "happy" by the time we finished our 3rd pitcher of sangria. it was fabulous. everyone was there, except for V who apparently wasn't able to get permission from his girlfriend to come down. (just kidding. sort of) it was so much fun.

we took lots of polaroids but they all came out with at least one person looking really silly and drunk. oh well. hopefully the ones we took with the regular camera will come out better.

once again, i've proved to myself and others how good i am at lying. but i try to refrain from using it for evil purposes. really. that's the truth.

we're going to have a "dancer in the dark" viewing/party real soon. but i'm thinking that "sex and the city" viewing will be more fun. we won't feel so angry after watching "sex and the city" but who knows how others will feel after watching "dancer in the dark."

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