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may 20, 2001 // "i can't believe it's fat free" potato salad //

went to H's for a BBQ. he's leaving for china tomorrow and W made him some tapes and cd's. i was looking at teaching abroad jobs (for like, 5 minutes) and decided that it's not right for me. although i enjoyed my time in korea while i was there, i don't see myself going back just to teach english.

H cooked up some great hamburgers and chicken. but the best part was the non-fat potato salad that was super rich and creamy. the secret is in mixing yogurt, sour cream and mayo (all non-fat of course) for the creamy texture. so yummy!

highlight of the day:
letter#2. it made me feel happy and emotional.

the gladiator. it was draining and boring in that blockbuster kind of way. russell crowe was too cool and the story was too predictable. the only redeeming aspect of the movie was joaquin phoenix, who gave a great performance as the evil, "i hate the world because my father never loved me," commodus.

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