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may 21, 2001 // i heart list //

made a list of videos i'd like to watch.

- before night falls
- but i'm a cheerleader
- dreams
- el topo
- harold and maude
- pushing tin
- red sorghum
- requiem for a dream
- war zone
- woman in the dunes

this is in no way a comprehensive list of all the videos i want to watch. there is also a separate list of videos that i (or wilson) own but have not watched/have not finished watching. these include:

- all the videos from itvs
- a lot of movies by fellini
- irma vep
- santa sangre
- the sopranos, first season
- teorema
- topsy turvy

and then there is the list of videos that i've bought, watched, and was appalled at how horrible they were and are now on the "sell at amoeba's" list. i'll spare you the details. no need to list shitty movies, right?

i like lists. i have a list of all the restaurants i'd like to try, movies i'd like to see, places i'd like to visit, to do list for the day, (and a separate list of "things i need to get done ASAP, but not today"), books i'd like to read, and websites i'd like to check out. i'd say i'm pretty good at crossing them off, especially my "book list" and "movie list." but i'm not so good at getting things done on the "thing to do today list" and the "things i need to get done ASAP but not today" list.

boys don't cry. i've been putting it off for a long time because i knew the ending and knew that it'd be difficult to watch. i watched it once and then watched it again with the director's commentary on. it was really insightful hearing about her decisions regarding the choice of music, appropriate time for different tracks, editing, and filming. it was also interesting to hear their creative problem solving approaches to issues that rose during the filming.

hilary swank and chlo sevigny gave absolutely brilliant and convincing performances as brandon teena and lana, respectively. it's a very powerful movie. i didn't want to cry but i broke down after the movie thinking about how tragic it was. and then i went to sleep as the sun came up and my brother was getting ready to go to school.

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