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may 23, 2001 // dude! where is my sleeping bag? //

dooooope!, we're leaving for manresa tomorrow and i just realized (at 11:19pm) that i don't have my sleeping bag. i've used it once when i went scuba diving so i must've either left it in my uncle's or mrs. han's car. oh please please please please let it be at uncle's or else i'll be freezing my ass off in a thin blanket. procrastination is bad. i shouldn't wait till the last minute. really.

on a more positive note, i'm thrilled about the ceramics and drawing classes. i'm dying to work with my hands and utilizing what little creativity i have left towards something productive.

milkis. i loved it when i was a kid and still love it. can't quite figure out what it tastes like... but it's really good.

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