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may 28, 2001 // the good, the bad, and the freak //

C and i went to manresa state beach as planned. i'm too lazy to neither write in full sentences nor in a coherent manner so here are some lists.

the good:
- running at the beach
- beautiful sunset
- eating The Biggest Apple in the World (almost 7 inches in diameter!)
- star gazing
- tequiza + spicy cuttlefish
- chocolate pecan luna bar
- i managed to offend the Freak and he didn't say anything for, like, 2 whole minutes.

the bad:
- water that wasn't drinkable
- mosquitos
- strong wind + sand
- ash and smoke from the campfire
- feeling dissapointed in C because she sided with the Freak, (after all i had to go through!) insisting that i said X when in actuality, i said Y. i don't suffer from short-term memory loss. i think i can remember what i said 10 minutes ago.
- the worst thing about the camping trip was having to share the campsite with the Freak from Hell (i don't want to go into how this happened)

the Freak:
- completely ruined the trip for me. i am never, ever going to share a campsite with someone other than the person/people i originally came with. this guy was a pathetic piece of shit and i don't want to spend my time/energy talking about him so i won't.

High Fidelity, by nick hornby.

i loved the movie but the book was equally great. i kept hearing john cusack's voice in my head as i read the book, which wasn't necessarily a *bad* thing. it is one of the most hilarious books i've read. despite rob, the main character's flaws, insecurities, foolishness, and fears, you come out feeling like everything is going to be all right. (oh man! is it "alright" or "all right?" i must consult my my strunk and white book. from what i remember, i think one of them is wrong. but K says both are correct depending on the context. that's it, my goal for tomorrow is to read the book).

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