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may 30, 2001 // grammar lesson for the day //

i can't stand people that write, "so and so and I" when it should be "so and so and me." for example, a caption that says, "Jason and I at the beach," is WRONG! it should be "Jason and me at the beach." but if you're saying that you went to the beach with someone, it should be, "Jason and I went to the beach."

The Essential Cindy Sherman, by catherine morris.

this is a small book that is filled with reproductions of cindy sherman's work. originally i had planned on just looking at the pictures but i ended up reading it front to back. (and i'm glad I did!) her work touches on various issues such as femininity, sexuality, popular images of women in film, and power in subversive, thought-provoking, and humorous ways. even her newer works with horrifying artificial body parts and dolls in a contorted, grotesque positions are engaging and you can't help being drawn by it despite the spectacle of violence.

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