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may 31, 2001 // //

someone asked me to describe my dream job and i couldn't tell him right away. i know that i want a job where i 1)get paid a lot of money to do little work (just kidding, sort of), 2)don't have to dress up in suit/heels, 3)work in a creative environment with dedicated, hard-working individuals that are also interesting, funny and nice. 4)work on something--whether it be a product or service-- that i believe in and find rewarding. other than that, i guess i'm open to just about anything.

these are the jobs i've had so far:

- video store clerk
- babysitter
- camp counselor
- administrative assistant
- controller
- dancer
- outreach assistant
- public relations assistant
- research assistant
- videographer
- editor (video)
- editor (book)
- english tutor
- producer
- graphic designer
- web designer
- information architect

i've been working since i was 13-years-old so i've had a lot of jobs. of these, i think i enjoyed editing videos the most. i remember working for anywhere from 3-12 hours but didn't feel cranky or tired. when i first got out of school, i was mainly looking at non-profit or video editing jobs. but then i found out that non-profit jobs didn't pay much but video editing jobs paid even less. they either didn't pay at all or at most, 10 dollars an hour. plus 50% of the responsibilities were usually tape duplication and inventory. yuck.

but then somehow i got lucky and started doing web design, and then worked at stanford as a producer, and then ended up at as an information architect.

now i've come full circle and is looking at non-profit jobs.

Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation, edited by Barbara Findlen.

i found the collection of essays to be fun and easy to read. i've been in "stupid mode" for some time now. i'll start with this and hopefully get back into analytical/critical way of thinking/seeing again.

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