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june 7, 2001 // chopstick rests and more! //

we started working with clay for the first time in our ceramics class. it's pretty daunting to have a 5 lb. block of clay in front and not know what to do with it. actually, the problem is more like i know exactly what i want to make but the pieces don't turn out anything like what i had in mind. i made a doggy bowl and a square shaped bowl so far (neither of them were what i had planned on making.)

we had to provide a list of 6-7 projects we hope to complete by the end of the class. my list included:

- chopstick rests (by popular demand. diana likes them a lot.)
- a square vase
- a couple of bowls
- some plates
- cups
- an abstract piece

i'm not too ambitious. this is my first class after all and i just hope to come out of it with some pieces to show for. that's all.

originally, i was going to focus on hand-building only. but after my first class, i'm thinking maybe i should try my luck at wheel-throwing. i got bored with hand-building pretty quickly. i barely finished my doggie bowl and the squre bowl. it may be that 1) i have a short attention span, or 2) can't think when i'm hungry. well, it's probably both... class is from 5:30 to 9 pm and i was really hungry around 7 o'clock.

speaking of food, i've been craving in-n-out burgers. i had it on sunday for the first time in 2 years and it was so deeeeelicious! i must have more. maybe i can convince K to go with me to get some tomorrow...

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