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june 18, 2001 // mid year's resolution //

i keep telling myself that something's gotta change. actually, a lot of things have to change. there are things that need to get done and it's as simple as just getting them done. the only solution to stop feeling disappointed and/or frustrated is taking care of my shit.

mid year's resolution:

- get at least one thing on the list done (one per day! how hard can it be?)
- start practicing yoga or pilates on a regular basis, not just when i feel like it
- either watch the videos i borrow from the library or don't borrow them at all
- don't eat when i'm not really hungry
- be more diligent about searching for a job
- stop watching korean videos. they're tempting, but it's a waste of time.
- be nicer to people that i (deep down inside) care about

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