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june 20, 2001 // no sleep //

9:13 pm

i was feeling incredibly sad. so i read someone else's online journal and cried. i cried and thought about what i was feeling. i copied the entries onto word and then read it, deleting as i read.

i'm going to look for my journal now.


3:04 am

can't sleep. i forced myself to bed since i promised to wake up at 8:30 but kept thinking about ways in which i can tailor my resume for the various jobs that i'm supposed to apply for. what the hell, if i can work/stay up for just 2 more hours, i can make it to that 6am yoga. and i'll still have enough time to fill a prescription, come home and take a shower, have a hearty breakfast, walk coco, finish the resume for kp, send it in--all before 8:30! if only i didn't have to sleep... i'd have so much more time to get things done.


i was feeling lazy today. since i knew i wasn't going to get much done in my ceramics class, i decided to skip class and instead, go to a cafe with K and work on my resume/cover letter. we went to starbucks, couldn't find a table, so went to mission cafe. (shoudn't have gotten that coffee at starbucks though. i felt guilty about bringing coffee from another store so i made myself finish it before i got to mission cafe). it worked out for the better. mission cafe was more laid back and they had the best iced tea and sandwich/salad combo (only $4.95!). if we go there again tomorrow, i mean, later today, as we planned, i might have the same thing i had today, i mean, yesterday.

henry and june. it's been so long...

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