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june 27, 2001 // late night urge //

i have this urge to cut my hair and bangs but i know i should fight it. last time i cut my own bangs was after watching "beverly hills 90210" (migod! such a long time ago). seeing everyone with bangs made me want it but it didn't turn out the way i expected.

it seems that my hair and W are the two things that suffer the most when i'm unhappy with my current situtation. i know what this means. i'm going to dye my hair again tomorrow. it keeps getting redder and redder...


i want to learn to play the guitar so i can write lyrics and sing them to coco (and the boy i like).

daily fix:
peeking through the hole on the fence and seeing the puppies run around in a not-so-straight line and bite each other playfully. mmmm... puppy smell... we love puppy smell. coco used to have puppy smell--now she just smells.

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