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july 19, 2001 //blast from the past//

i got raina's new zine and found this on page 4.

name: cristina (please, no "h")
occupation: student
age: 23
you like to be identified as: cool c, or just cool
motto: take it easy, don't date sleazy
are you friends with your ex's?: no, i'm just not the type
favorite crush: the kind that gets you all giddy
how many times have you had your heart broken?: i'd rather not count
how many times have you been the breaker?: maybe once
favorite kind(s) of music: to be cheesy, i'd say, "the heartbeat of the person i love." most of the time, hip-hop, jazz, blues and oldies.
sickest fantasy you'd like to share: i will only share with people that are willing to help me fulfill it.

this doesn't really sound like me but i do remember filling it out for her 2 years ago. good old days--my last quarter at davis, that is. i remember eating huckstein's pasta at the MU going to Berkeley with wilson and ben with crates filled with promos in the back seat of ben's ford escort (and later, an isuzu 4x4) biking home after wilson's 12-2 am radio shows skipping class to crash various receptions to munch on hors d'oeuvres, raina and wilson and scott smoking like a bunch of delinquents, having harmless crushes, that magical night on scott's futon in the living room with the boy that was simply delightful...

i wish i could go back. i'm feeling nostalgic.

amrita by banana yoshimoto. this was the only book i haven't read and it's a bit disappointing so far. it's decent but it doesn't compare to her other novels and short stories such as or the kitchen. maybe i'll change my mind once i'm done with it. i have about 100 more pages to go.

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