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july 20, 2001 //no job = more time to play basketball//

i didn't get the job. maribel called today (just as i expected) and told me that she gave the job to someone else--a student. i knew this would happen because i was perhaps a little too honest during the interview. i made it rather clear that i'm ultimately looking for a full-time job and that i can't guarantee how long i will stay with the organization. i'm not too disappointed. it's probably for the best. i emailed faye and mike today to see if they knew anyone at the packard foundation so hopefully they'll email me back with some good news.


played basketball with K. it was way more exhausting than i thought but i felt good afterwards. the last time i played was with Y in front of his garage and he taught me how to do a lay up. nothing's changed since then--i still can't dribble, shoot, nor block. but it was still fun. coco was tied to the pole and she sat patiently for about an hour but then started chewing on the leash. that's when i knew it was time to go.

i was thinking that i need to go through a healthy phase--walk in the park, hike up the hill, run a mile, go camping and eat an apple, that type of stuff. i visualize myself doing all the above and make elaborate plans in my head but when it comes to actually doing any of it i get lazy and say, "maybe next weekend."

* pleasantville: good
* the crow: bad
* bull durham (on channel 36, commercial-free): good

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