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august 22, 2001 //excellent chicken!//

And you told me during our good-bye, that my hair, with wisps peeking out from the back, was just like the sun, and it made me miss you even as I was driving away.


I'm really tired. I just finished the wireframes for the meeting tomorrow with start up which took much longer than I anticipated. And then I took a look at deb's resume like she asked me to and sent her my "expert" comments. I really shouldn't' be up this late since I have to wake up early for the meeting. Oh I'm going to hate myself tomorrow morning. I mean, later today.

today was a nice day. My mom, Stephan and I had dinner together for the first time in, oh I don't know, months. And the best part of it was that Stephan cooked dinner all by himself. He cooked the boneless chicken breast on a skillet with lots of herbs (he didn't remember which ones), garlic, and some sugar in chicken broth until the broth got thick and gooey and it was like braised chicken. delicious! He got $10 in "tip" from my mom.

I guess the other highlight of the day was watching the "wayne brady" show on ABC. I remember niem mentioning that it's surprisingly good and it really is! It's a "one-man show" (well, I guess not quite, since he has other cast members), but very much like the living colors, packed with funny skits ("MJ, DA," michael jackson as a district attorney; chuck e cheeses-esque animals singing a birthday song at a chuck e cheeses-esq establishement that drives the birthday boy and his mother away, and more!) dancers, guest stars (mos def did an improv with wayne which was faaaabulous) and lots of singing. I especially liked the "ask wayne" section at the end where the audience asked him questions (or for a hug) and he answered (or obliged). If it's in new york, I'd loooove to watch him in person. I should look into it.

I realized:

1) I'm terrible when it comes to having a lot of free time on my hand. I'm much more disciplined at handling and juggling busy schedules.

2) I could add "professional procrastinator" on my resume and it wouldn't be a lie. procrastinating doesn't pay, I mean that literally. I'm broke as hell and in need of a job. Time to get shit done and send out those resumes. Again.

3) I like white space.

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