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august 23, 2001 //useless info about me//

I'm going to jump the bandwagon also, although I don't know any of the people that are answering the following questions. Who cares.


WALLET: bigger the better because I rarely clean out my wallet. It all started when my mom got me a large organizer with zippers because according to her, I'm "messy and will probably put everything in this and zip it up". My current wallet is a black one from esprit that I just stuff everything into.


TOOTHBRUSH: A toothbrush from target that looks just like Mentadent toothbrush but is far inferior. It hurts my gums! I regret buying it but I feel too guilty to throw it away. lesson learned: don't be cheap when it comes to your teeth and gums.

JEWELRY WORN DAILY: For the last 6 years or so I've worn this orange ring that is made of either jade, glass or plastic (still don't know). I found it in my house but none of my family members knew where it was from. Also I have a tiny nose ring that I rarely take off. For variety I sometimes wear a hoop but I prefer a stud.

SOCKS: usually white but occasionally some cheap, colorful (stripes are the best!) socks bought in korea when I was studying abroad.

PILLOW COVER: blue. But I covet w's yellow flannel pillow covers.

BLANKET: a down comforter--that's not so fluffy anymore :( with a light olive flannel duvet cover. But I covet w's "fluffy as clouds" down comforter in purple flannel duvet cover. but i guess it's not really "coveting" since i wouldn't "covet" what's rightfully mine. the comforter was a birthday gift to me from my mom. It's strictly a loan, dammit! :)

COFFEE CUP: I don't drink coffee. I do, however, like the smell of coffee.

SUNGLASSES: I can never remember where I placed my $5 sunglasses.

UNDERWEAR: as in, do I wear one? Hmm... underwear ranges from racy satin, lace, or microfiber stuff to cotton. My favorite would have to be the black cotton string bikini that d. bought me a long time ago.

SHOES: Size seven and half.

NAIL POLISH: None, though I sometimes borrow d's for my toes.

HANDBAG: I have a couple that i got from thrift stores. I usually carry a dark brown/reddish leather bag which fits my fat wallet, lip balm, lots of other junk and occasionally, a water bottle, camera or sunblock when necessary.

KEYCHAIN: I had a yonsei university keychain that ms. Park, my favorite teacher from the Korean Language Institute, gave all her students (with the exception of "stupid boy") in level 5 class. But it broke about 6 months ago.

COMPUTER: sony vaio.

FAVORITE TOP: hmm... guess i don't really have one.

FAVORITE PANTS: grey corduroys that tutti bought me for my birthday back in college.

SOAP: for hands. The big ass bottle from Costco we've been using for, oh I don't know, TEN YEARS. I can't wait to run out of it so I can get some exciting scented soap that they've come out with in the recent years.

PERFUME: none. just vanilla body lotion. sometimes lavender oil and tribu body lotion.


CAR: 1999 nissan altima with waaaay too many miles on it.

IN THE FRIDGE: too many things but nothing edible.

TELEVISION: I'm not ashamed to admit I watch roswell, charmed, gilmore girls and dawson's creek.

TATTOOS: None, though I really had the urge to get one when I was 20 but wanted to be sure that i really want one so told myself that i'd wait til turned 25 and get one then if I still felt the same way about it. Hey, I'm 25! it's really tempting but I'm afraid that they'll mess it up. I know a guy that has what looks like a chicken on his arm but needless to say, that's not what it's supposed to be.

PIERCINGS: ears and nose.

PHYSICAL: I don't know what this refers to but i see others are listing their battle wounds. I have a lot but most noticeably, the scar on my nose from when i was young and my cousin scratched me with her nails; two long stitches and 3 arthroscopic holes on my R knee from my ACL surgery from 1997; two arthroscopic holes in my L knee from my meniscus surgery in 1999; and a heart that has yet to heal completely from you know what. i know, i know. sigh... (don't be mad)


i made some more changes. archived entries starting this month will have 5 previous entries listed on the side for convenience. next on the to do list: change the picture at the top.

message for w.

hey, if you're reading this, niem told me to tell you, "hi" and "hang in there" "you can do a lot better". (he later changed his mind. i'm pretty sure he was joking.)

surprising stat of the day:

2 people came to this site from i suppose this means ricepinky is no longer a "private" space for me and you?

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