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091701_part II
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september 19, 2001 // please. don't. //

today i went to a donation-only pilates/yoga class at center of balance. we raised over four hundred dollars, which will be sent to the september 11 fund of the united way. what a wonderful idea... i'm going to suggest it to k. at willow glen yoga.

i went to see o brother, where art thou at niem's and over taco bell / armadillo willy's dinner, we watched "60 minutes" and talked about tuesday, media, shitting in one's pants, health, coen brothers movies, and after life, the movie.

we were discussing how long it might take to haul 10 million tons (!) of debris and p. said he heard "a year." we were shocked to hear that it might take that long, but the next minute we heard someone on "60 minutes" say "45 days to 60 days," which was almost equally shocking.


i got home and went online and there was more more bad news. south asian americans, arab americans and other brown persons being beaten, harrassed, intimidated, and killed....

i cried.

the asian american legal defense and education fund has a list of recent incidents and the list is already over 5 pages.


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