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october 11, 2001 // the barron, ghost world, and other stuff //

Last Friday, I went to the reception/exhibition of barron storey's journals, paintings and sculptures with niem and lotina. Boy, was I glad that niem convinced me to go. it's pretty amazing stuff and believe me when i say that seeing his journals is enough to make a non-drawer such as myself to feel inspired to dabble at drawing. I think the following endorsement says it all:

"Nobody draws better than Barron. Not you, not your little sister, your architect dad, not your rebellious ex-boyfriend who draws with his own blood, not the most talented kid at your art school. Not your favorite artist in the whole world; I've seen the work with my own eyes. Nobody draws better than The Barron."
-David Choe, SlowJams

an unrelated note but i also enjoyed the hors d'oeurvres. it seems that gallery or dance performance receptions are the only times i eat brie.


on monday I went to see ghost world with dave. There were a lot of great moments that was quirky and I laughed a lot during the movie and really enjoyed it. most notably, I loved the bollywood in the beginning of the film, the overall color of the film, and the sort of detached, dispassionate camera movement. The only thing was that I was disappointed to see that a large portion of the movie was about seymour and enid's relationship, rather than the girls and their relationship. What I loved about the comic was the fact that clowes had beautifully illustrated and captured the precarious nature of the adolescent girls's relationship. I guess I was expecting the same from the movie and just felt a little betrayed at the end.


it seems that my little (and devilish) suggestion to auction off the "studs" at tim and kev's birthday party has sparked a heated debate amongst the individuals. Really, it was a joke and I didn't think they'd take it seriously. Even if we do go through with it, I hope we keep it light-hearted and fun. Like, bidding quarters or something. Tim suggested donating the proceedings to the 9/11 emergency fund. How patriotic but I told him we should just put it to our drinking fund. Donating is great but there's really no use in using the tragedy as an excuse to justify auctioning off "slabs of meat." Tim has mad plans for his soiree. I hope everything goes as planned.


- The Elephant Vanishes by haruki murakami
- The Unknown Errors of Our Lives by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

more humor:
Hey Mr. Taliban, tally me bananas: You can't make this terrorist stuff up
by Will Durst, from

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