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091701_part II


november 8, 2001 // upon finally discovering dreamweaver... //

first time editing this site with dreamweaver. i've always been an advocate of hand-coding and resistant of using dreamweaver because it's so WYSIFUGLY (what you see is fugly) but hot damn! dreamweaver is so handy dandy.


spotted: wolverine and spidey

wolverine and spiderman, together at last

niem, tim, wilson and i had a jolly good time at the castro on halloween. our group, which consisted of superman, supergirl (though i prefer the term, 'superwoman') and "gay" cub scout had a blast. it really wouldn't have been the same without niem, though, because there is no better spiderman out there! we didn't like it too much when the evil (and drunk) spiderman tried to take niem down and spray silly strings in his eyes. but besides that and angry catholic "girls" that got mad at us for mistaking them for britney spears, it was a fun and peaceful event.

photographs by seydou keita.

The Diary of Frida Kahlo : An Intimate Self-Portrait

Boundaries by Maya Lin

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