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november 24, 2001 // crushin on dj krush //

-dj krush zen tour, november 24, 2001 @ king street garage

my crush of the week is dj krush. (last week, it was billy bob thornton. he's absolutely amazing in the man who wasn't there.  i liked him before in  pushing tin but as an actor, he's especially impressive in the latest coen brother's movie. the film itself is beautifully shot and the cinematography, composition, and lighting are quite stunning. but i digress. i'll talk about the movies i've seen in another posting.)

so luckily i found out about dj krush's show just in time thanks to this flyer but didn't have anyone to go with. just when i thought i had to be ultra-cool and go to the event by myself, debbie agreed to go with me without any cajoling on my part.

me: hey debbie, what are you doing? wanna go see a show?
debbie: what kind of a show?
me: oh, it's this guy named dj krush. it's up in the city.
debbie: ok.

see how easy that was? so after a quick stop over at savers, (picked up a luxurious fur stole for $7.99 that went well with the leather coat. it made me feel guilty that i was wearing fur and leather. actually, i was just worried that a horrified peta person would yell at me but what can i do?  to me it's a matter of economics. i can either get a $200  coat at banana republics or i can pick up a one-of-a-kind coat at savers for 15 bucks. dammit i digress) we drove to the city in the rain, no less, to see a guy whom debbie has never heard of before. 

i was really excited about the show because i've never seen him live. we were supposed to see him a couple of months ago but the show got canceled. 

it was also my first time going to king street garage and was surprised to see find it smack across the street from the pac bell park. how could i have missed it all those times i drove by? hmm. the venue is a cross between filmore and the justice league but way smaller. what i liked the most about it was that it had seats in the upper level (balcony style like the filmore but closer to the stage) so that you could sit comfortably and enjoy the show rather than having to stand and wait around for hours. there's nothing, i repeat, nothing i  hate more than going to hip-hop shows and standing next to smelly people. 9 out of 10 times, i'm standing next to smelly ass people that are wildly dancing around. fuckin people with b.o! i know people with body odor don't know they have it but damn, when in doubt, just use deodorant. it's oppressive to people that are short and therefore, stand at your armpit level! 

right before dj krush was to come on, there was an asian person on stage talking to the dj that had just finished his set. i had disappointed debbie even before she got to see him by telling her more about dj krush.

debbie: hey, is that him?
me: (spotting the large man she's pointing to) um, no. he's way skinnier than that. dj krush is this skinny man, who's like, 40 or something.*
debbie: what?!! you took me to a show to see a 40yr old guy? i thought he'd be like this cute 20yr old!

haha. well, i didn't say he wasn't cute. i find him pretty hot, as a matter of fact. but it probably has a lot to do with the fact that he's amazingly talented. 

krush was just amazing. without any elaborate intro of any sort, he came on quietly and just blew people away. he really defies categorization. he's a hip-hop composer, who mixes and orchestrats beats, blending them with other programmed or sampled beats to create combinations of sound that are multi-layered and densely complex.  with dj krush, it's hard to discern where one sound ends and another one starts. 

at one point, i was overcome with an image of a girl, with soft sunlight on her face, turning her head slowly to look over her shoulder. as she's slowly turning, you see that wisps of hair framing her face is sticking to her face because of the tears streaming down her face and everything is so sad and beautiful at the same time. i wouldn't be able to tell you what beats he used or where they're from but the sound invoked such a strong image and i was so moved i almost cried. 


dj krush left quietly as soon as his set was over. some other dj came on but it sounded so.... inadequate after what i had just heard. so we left. oh, we shared a table with this girl who was there by herself. cute asian girl going to the dj krush show by herself! how cool is that! i wanted to talk to her but i couldn't think of a way to start up a conversation other than asking, "hi, are you here by yourself?" it seemed like too much of a pick-up line so i got shy and decided not to start a conversation. oh well.

* he's 39 years old, to be exact. but close enough.

my own dj krush image gallery: 
(because skinny guys are hot! haha)


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