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november 25, 2001 // next meteor shower is in year 2099 //

some things (events, speakers, natural phenomena, and etc) i've missed due to my own faults:

- meteor shower
i missed the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the meteor shower last weekend because i was too drunk.  i was really looking forward to star gazing but it was the cognac that did it. i'm never getting drunk at a wedding again.  i hear the next meteor shower this spectacular is in year 2099 or something like that. well, i can safely say that i probably wouldn't be around to see that. 

- tori amos concert
this wasn't entirely my fault. the only fault you could say i have was that i just wasn't willing to spend *that* much to see tori. the one time i got to see her in concert, she was quite excellent. until next time, i settle for a review of her show and listening to her cd. 

- vijay prashad @ oakland
had i known that this was the same vijay that d. has been raving about, the same one whom she says talks about the most amazing stuff; ideas she's never even heard of, i would've definitely grimaced my way up to oakland in traffic. however, i didn't find this out until the day after. he was presenting his upcming book, Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Connections and the Myth of Cultural Purity.

"In this brilliant exploration of the often surprising historical solidarities linking Black and south Asian experiences, Prashad demolishes the conservative conceits of ethnic essentialism and so-called multi-culturalism. Using clever examples from Rastafarianism to Bruce Lee, he shows how struggles against shared oppression in the crucibles of the Caribbean plantation and US metropolis have shaped a dynamic Afro-Asian interface in popular culture. In the usual dead zone of debate about identity politics, this little book is a refreshing oasis of original insight and unexpected affinity." 
-Mike Davis, author of City of Quartz and Magical Urbanism.

it's not so difficult to believe when d. says that she has an "afterglow" after his class every friday and then she talks about it all weekend long. i can't remember the last time i got so excited about a person or theory. sigh...

on heavy rotation:

- strange little girls by tori amos
(bootleg version bought in chinatown, nyc. i had hid it in a "safe" place in the luggage to keep it from being damaged and couldn't remember where i had put it for almost 2 weeks after i got back. i finally found in in a secret compartment and has been a happy listener ever since.)
- product placement by dj shadow and cut chemist
(this is awesome! i didn't appreciate it so much at the show but i've been listening to it ever since and it's great. thanks for the copy, w!)

still "crushin" on dj krush: 
i even like his handwriting! see his hand-written note on his site.
but it makes me wonder whether he really said, "wreckin" and "mad one." i wish i could read and speak japanese.

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