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november 28, 2001 // untitled //

the weather's starting to get uncomfortably cold and every day, it gets just a little more difficult to get up in the morning to go to work (but then, i'm lucky to even have a job to go to every morning during this difficult climate.)

we've been letting coco sleep on the couch in the living room but no more of that! i found poop in the living room for the third time and it seems as though this is one of her many ways of acting out her dissatisfaction with the way things are currently. poor dog. she's usually a really, really good dog. more like a human really, not a dog.

coco is the best dog in the world--bilingual, smart, sassy and cute. there is nothing more conforting than lying next to her and scratching her belly and she always know how to make you feel better.

anyway, she really got used to spending time with me while i was unemployeed for 8 months and got used to all the perks--30 plus minutes of walking (because she's too smart and doesn't like to run) twice a day, sleeping next to me while i read, and 3 meals a day, on time). she doesn't like the fact that she has to stay home by herself now and cries when we leave for work/school in the morning. i must be feeling a fraction of what my mom was feeling all those times she had to leave me in the morning with my grandma on my dad's side (who didn't like me much because i wasn't a boy) to go to work when i was a baby.

i'm sorry coco. i wish i was rich and was able to pay someone to babysit you and keep you company like some people i know can.


click for larger image

these guys supposedly throw dope-ass house parties. we'll see how they do with this one. if they're successful, you'll be seeing their flyer every month...

favorite pic of coco:

sleepy coco

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