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december 3, 2001 // untitled //

i have a pseudo audition scheduled with a certain s.f based modern dance company tomorrow in berkeley that i'm a bit nervous (but mostly excited) about. it's the dance company that d. used to dance with. i came across their website and wrote to the artistic director asking if she was still looking for dancers. she replied the next day and said she was, so we made an arrangement for me to come take her class. that way, i can get a feel for her movements and she can check out my dancing.

i was hoping she'd write, but at the same time time, i was hoping she wouldn't get back to me too quickly. i thought i'd slowly start getting back into dancing by taking a few classes here and there on weekends up in the city or berkeley. since that wasn't an option, plan b was to dramatically improve in just 2 days over the weekend. i didn't go to berkeley on saturday like i said i would because i couldn't get to berkeley on time for class in the rain. uh-uh. now i had just one day to dramatically improve my technique. i got up early on sunday to go to shawl-anderson and took an advanced level modern and to my surprise, it was actually a lot of fun. i thought there was 90% chance of me feeling crappy about myself and coming out the class vowing to never dance again (like i did after r.m's class). but it was enjoyable and i did ok, considering it was my 4th or 5th class since 97'.

of course, my technique was non-existent and my meta-tarsals weren't what they used to be (from wearing heels all day at work) but i feel more confident about tomorrow. (that and d. telling me that i'll most likely be the best one compared to others in s's class.) :)


i treated myself to a loaf of french bread, laughing cow spreadable cheese wedges, and an odwalla drink after class. mmmm--

an interesting digital project about multi-racial identity, specifically, asian and latino, in santa clara county


green tea
ginger beer

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