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december 5, 2001 // i f***ing love my job! //

have i mentioned how much i love my job? i was telling everyone friday night at new sun hong kong restaurant over big dumpling soup, beef tomato fried rice, chow fun and other delectables (best eaten after midnight!) and kenbo says, "no, if i may recall, your exact words were, "i f***ing love my job."

yes, it's true. i truly love my job. before my job here, i didn't realize working could be like this. i always thought work was work and i should just try to get paid as much as i can since, work is just work. but dammit, i was wrong! it feels so good when you feel like your work contributes towards a bigger goal and that in the big scheme of things, you're working towards making this world a better place for the disadvantaged.

it also doesn't hurt to work with a hip, understanding ED who is at the same time, not so computer-literate. she's amazed by my technical aptitude, including, but not limited to: using the right button on the mouse, setting the desktop screen area at 1024 x 768, thereby making all the icons smaller (gasp!), updating the links on our website, etc, etc, the list goes on. just last week, i taught her how to scroll down using the wheel on the mouse, cutting and pasting using the right button, (i'm saving the short-cut commands for next month) and going to the desktop by clicking the desktop icon (before, she closed all the applications to get to the desktop). it's so fun showing her these tricks and seeing her reactions. i'm the technology guru around here. :)

the best thing about this job is meeting passionate and dedicated people at the organizations we fund. recently i heard mr. bill strickland (from the manchester craftsmen's guild) speak at sv2's annual meeting held at j.s's house (more like a castle) and it was so inspirational and moving. i also had the opportunity to hear mr. bill gates sr, aka "bill gates's daddy," speak at a lunchon we sponsored and it was great hearing him talk too.

right now i'm working on an emergency fund that has been established to provide critically needed support to many struggling sv safety net non-profits. this is really great because we've been getting a lot of calls from organizations that are on the brink of closing their facilities or are unable to offer services during this difficult climate. although i'm not a decision maker in this process, i'm helping with the research and compiling data on organizations and it feels good that my work will go towards helping local organizations. (i added one of the clinics in my neighborhood (east san ho -- represent!) as a second tier nominee to the spreadsheet that i created for everyone but i didn't have to worry. they're a part of this other org, that will be getting funding).

i feel truly fortunate to have a found a job that allows me a lot of freedom and allows me to be an active participant in decision making regarding processes and etc. i hope my friends, who are currently looking for employment, find jobs real soon.

reason number 245 to get a lomo:
because it makes you look so "in the mood for love."

@ rohan lounge
courtesy of scottyob -- thanks!

- yin-yang fried rice aka "baller" fried rice.

what's a "baller?"
- niem, friday night at new sun hong kong restaurant.

grocery list:
- kim-chee
i used up the last bit when making kim chee jjigeh with left over turkey. next, i'm going to make kim chee jjigeh with spam.

- french vanilla tea
- thera flu

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