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december 10, 2001 // i don't like mondays //

on friday, the coolest and the hippest san jose'ers (ha!) gathered at gallery ads for namelosen, a nameless art exhibit/sale. while others went for the 600+ works by more than 60 emerging and established artists, i went for the cheese and crackers. well, not entirely true. i went because this was the same place  barren storey's exhibition was at and i really like the venue and its casual atmosphere. now, the idea of picking up original art for holiday gifts was tempting and there were some really wonderful pieces that i wouldn't mind owning but there wasn't anything that really tugged at me--the kind of things that make your heart beat faster and make you feel like you'd burst if you didn't have it.  besides, it all comes down to money. while you're contemplating whether a print is actually worth 50 bucks, there's always some fool that's more than happy to snatch it up for a hundred. oh well.

speaking of 50 bucks, the president of the organization that my organization supports went around and passed out gift certificates for all the "wonderful work" we've done this year. i was surprised to find a $50 gift certificate to the valley fair mall. hot damn! and this after our free lunch and free movie passes to imax! everyone in the organization gathered at the conference room for a free lunch and walked over to the tech museum to watch shackleton's antartic adventure. the movie wasn't too bad--man overcoming obstacles, triumphing over nature, true testament of heroism and courage, blah blah blah. on the other hand, the gigantic imax dome theater was really something! i don't care what you say, this was even better than "soarin' over california" ride at california adventure. even without the machine-generated wind blowing in your hair, and orange air freshner spritzed in the room when you're "flying" over napa that we had at california adventure, this dome theater was much, much doper.  maybe it was too dope, because a handful of people vowed to never watch another imax movie. it made them dizzy and nauseous. me, i liked it. i might plan an ultimate cheesy night of watching beauty and the beast on imax, skating at the outdoor ice skating rink, and then top it off by walking through "christmas in the park." it would be most excellent if i went with someone that i could hold hands with while i skated and we play in fake snow and laugh and kiss. ewww.


originally what i wanted to talk about was that i realize the best time to come in to a new job is at the end of the year where you reap the rewards first--paid holidays such as thanksgiving, christmas, new year's; holiday parties; presents; holiday dinner, bonuses -- and work later.

// earlier today //

we have an important meeting today regarding the urgncy f*nd and i forgot to wear underwear. well, "forgot" is not accurate -- lazy is more like it. i'm wearing my most conservative, black, button-down dress so hopefully nobody will suspect it.

it's monday, for god's sake. i'm sure a lot of people do this.

weekend/week recap soon to follow since i should be doing work right now. i feel guity using work time to update my site. having work ethics suck.


- talented motherf***ers are hot!
- i despise talented motherf***ers...


having spam kim chee jji geh made me miss bu-dae jji geh i used to have in korea. literally translated as "army" jji geh, this was the mother of all jji geh's. usually large enough to feed 4+ hungry college students, it had cabbage, spam, pork, ramen, kim chee, tuna, onion, green onion and god knows what else.  god, how i wish i could go back to those days in shin-chon, sharing bu-dae jji geh with fusa, grace, sheena, mishuri, kimiko, choon-hwa and then going to blue monkey or liza's for drinks. dancing til 11:50 and running back to the dorm to meet the midnight curfew...

is it time to move?:

can tripod possible put that ad in a more obnoxious place? it's just a matter of time before they start putting the "big unit" ads that take up half the page thereby forcing us to either find another host or start paying.
maybe i should just re-design the site...

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