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december 17, 2001 // yet another self indulgent survey //


01. name? cristina
02. d.o.b.? jan 7th
03. location? san jose, california
04. religion? none
05. occupation? non-profit'er by day, professional film watcher by night.

01. hair? pulled back in a ponytail.
02. eyes? dark brown
03. height? 5'3 (that's a lie. it's more like 5'2 and 3/4)
04. weight? 118-125? don't know
05. figure? boobies: yes  Ass: no

01. clothing? stylish without trying too hard
02. music? tori amos, nina simone, hip-hop, soul
03. makeup? mascara, shimmery eyeshadow, lipbalm
04. bodyart? none

01. wearing? sweats and a long sleeve topbr> 02. listening to? sound of my laptop
03. thinking of? either going to sleep or watching Stranger Than Paradise.
04. feeling? tired

01. bought? lunch: salad with garbanzo beans, sweet peas, beets, baby corn, and eggs. oh, and a half cup of chili with steak marinated in jack daniels. good stuff
02. did? showered
03. ate & drank? damn fine dinner at paolo's (thanks to my boss): grilled shitake with olive oil, lemon and herbs; sea bass with tomatoes, garlic and clams; cheesecake with lime sauce and blackberry sauce on the side; tiramisu; and a bottle of cabernet that was a "library wine"  (aka "expensive shit they got from the cellar").
04. read? the brutal language of love
05. watched on tv? sex and the city (a weak episode)

01. club or houseparty? houseparty
02. tea or coffee? tea
03. high achiever or easy-going? high achiever
04. beer or cider? neither
05. drinks or shots? drinks
06. cats or dogs? dogs. i love dogs. 
07. single or taken? ...
08. pen or pencil? pen
09. gloves or mittens? mittens. but they're not too practical
10. food or candy? both!
11. cassette or cd? cd and vinyl
12. snuff or cigarettes? neither. awfully paranoid of all forms of cancer.
13. coke or pepsi? neither
14. hard or mild alcohol? i feel like i should go with mild
15. matches or a lighter? matches
16. sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful? huh?
17. rickie lake or oprah winfrey? ricki lake

01. kill? no one
02. shag? ...
03. slap? no one. 
04. hear from? shena
05. get really wasted with? wilson
06. tickle? I'm not into tickling
07. look like? no one
08. be like? no one
09. avoid? no one in particular but i generally don't like running into people. 

01. food? too many to mention. it's a shame that caribbean place was closed last night because i'm craving a plate of rice and beans, jerk chicken, ox tail and bananas.
02. drink? cream soda or black cherry soda
03. color? don't have one
04. album? all these "favorite" questions are unfair.
05. shoes? the brown "minnie mouse" shoes
06. site? again, unfair.
07. dance? whenever i feel like it
08. song? tori amos and nina simone songsbr> 09. vegetable? artichoke, mi yuk jul guh ri (seaweed stems?), cauliflowers, sweet potato.
10. fruit? nectarine, persimmon, soursop, mangobr> 11. berry? strawberry, raspberry, blackberry

happy holiday indeed!:

we just got a phat holiday bonus from the head honcho of the foundation. woo-hoo!
(damnit, i'm going to say it again. "i f*cking love my job!")

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