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december 21, 2001 // good & bad //

good: convenience of having a dope scanner at my desk and using it for personal use
bad: being handed six months worth of documents that need scanning.

good: 3 hours of yoga
bad: people with b.o; guy with hair on his chest and back doing yoga shirtless; people that fart when the poses get difficult; the morning after.

good: in-n-out cheeseburgers
bad: eating it right after doing yoga for 3 hours and right before going to sleep.

good: meeting the nice korean lady that owns the deli on the first floor of our building.
bad: salad i bought there.

good: washing hands with hot water; hanging out with friends; gifts; spending time with d.; scarves; food baskets; hors d'oeuvres; knee-high socks; ebay; clean sheets

bad: mall; music they play at express, rampage, or other similar stores; wrapping gifts

pics from tim's pre-holiday throwdown:


niem was wearing a shirt just a minute ago...

my favorite dj

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