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february 7, 2002 // untitled //

our beloved peace-loving president bushy is nominated for the nobel peace prize. i know you want to read the article. what a joke.


hmm. overnight i've gone from an anonymous poster who "cultivated an air of mystery" to a "kind old korean lady." i feel really old... like a perverted ah jum ma who lures little boys with cool stuff like d. choe's art and foreign film. well at least he discovered dave choe. now he too, will learn to love d.choe's work and despise him the way i do.


feeling a bit antsy with anticipation. a few things in the works that will provide much needed answers. real soon. i'm also feeling a bit jealous that she has found an unlikely confidant in ___. not fair. it's just not fair.

i want to get away from here. although work is wonderful and friends are great, i want to get away and be lost for awhile. g. has yet to respond to my invitation for that getaway in brazil.
i suppose she's content in oaklahoma. how is that possible? i don't know.

maybe getting inebriated and seducing boys will make me feel better. well, at least
getting drunk will. will save that for this weekend.





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